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Gourmet Vegan Blueberry & Goji Berry Porridge

Porridge, the breakfast of champions. As a Brit, I think it's okay to say that we love our porridge. We love everything that revolves around porridge, and porridge loves us. It's one of the countries favourite breakfasts, a national staple, we even named one of the countries greatest sitcoms after the stuff. We are proud, porridge eating people. But porridge hasn't always been basking in the centre stage spotlight. From feeding the poor, to prison food, it wasn't always the hunger satisfying superstar that it is today, but lets celebrate that fact and give a standing ovation to the stomach comforting, energy refuelling, oaty powerhouse that it is.

Before porridge, it was originally served as gruel. A ground down much more 'soupy' based concoction, normally made with oats or other ground cereals, but was usually drunk as a high nutrient, high energy based drink. Think of it as an old fashioned RedBull, but without the pancreatic cancer.

I have my porridge in an abundance of ways. It's a versatile food that you can have savoury or sweet, hot or cold. I prefer it hot, sweet, full of nuts, seeds and fruit, packing a sharp, nutritious punch right between my tired morning eyes and setting me up for the tiresome day ahead. It's our old friend that we now see much more of, our wake-up comfort blanket that stops us from being afraid of the cold outside, the culinary fuel that keeps our engines running and see's us through until lunch, and for that, we thank you. Our champion of breakfasts. Long live the king.

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