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How to make the ultimate vegan burger

The quest for the ultimate vegan burger is about to come to a close. Hold on to your buns as you're about to spell envy across your meat-eating friends, here's how to make the ultimate vegan burger.

My stubborn, meat eating ways historically have always made me reluctant to form a friendship with our green meatless burger alternative, most probably because I have always opted for the meaty significant other, however this isn't to say that I've ever disliked our beany friends, I have nothing against them, we just don't tend to see each other all that often, oh the shame it is.

What I wanted to do with this vegan experiment was to create something I would happily eat regularly as a meat alternative. The black beans mixed with the cumin and smoked paprika form a more'ish mexican'esque mouthful that will make you want to crack the Patron out in celebration. I chose to bake the burgers mainly because I initially attempted to fry them, which sadly turned out to be a total disaster, resulting in a soft, mushy pile of despair and resentment. Once the bean burgers had left the oven, all ill feelings were quickly redeemed. They had baked wonderfully with a brief crunchy layer on the outside, adding texture to each bite. It's fair to say that me and our beany friend have since become relatively close, who knows, we may even end up going to the same bbq's together.

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