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The easiest apple tart in the world

Happy Friday folks! What's everyone doing this weekend? Well, for those of you who are London-bound, it's going to be absolutely grim on Sunday with a tonne of very typical British rain about to hit the streets, so what better time to throw together an apple tart to go with your Sunday dinner? Honestly this recipe is so easy because I legit needed to use up some apples and before you know it, I have mocked up a delicious, cinnamon'y dessert quicker than you can say "how do you like them apples?" Yeah, I'm hilarious. Have the best weekend friends, you're all apple pie heroes in my eyes.

TIME: 1.5 hours SERVES: 2-4


For the pastry:

200g of plain flour

100g of salted butter, cubed

1 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoons of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

4 tablespoons of water

For the filling:

400g of apples, sliced

150g of Demerara sugar

2 teaspoons of cinnamon


1.) Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius – In a mixing bowl, add the flour, sugar, cinnamon and salt and mix together. Add the butter and begin massaging it into the flour almost like you're making a crumble. This should take about five minutes before the butter is fully incorporated. Once the butter has been fully incorporated into the flour, add the water a tablespoon at a time and mix together to form a thick but pliable pastry. Knead for two minutes and then wrap in cling film and pop in the fridge for 15 minutes while you prepare the apple.

2.) Take your apples and slice them in 2mm slices lengthways, stopping around the core of the apple and then repeat for the other side. You'll be left with smaller sides that you'll slice which will be used for the base of the filling. Slice three very thin slices which you can later use to roll into a rose for the middle.

3.) Add the apple slices to a bowl and add the sugar and cinnamon, mix together gently to avoid breaking any of the slices.

4.) For the tart you'll want to use a circular spring-form baking tin, butter the base and the sides of the baking tin ready for baking.

5.) Remove the pastry from the fridge and using a rolling pin, roll the pastry out into a large circle about 5mm thick (or enough to fit into your baking tin) I find the easiest way to move the pastry to place it into the baking tin is by gently rolling it around the rolling pin and then un-rolling it over the tin. Gently press the pastry into the tin being sure to press into the corners. Even out the sides of the pastry and cut off any excess. The pastry will be pliable and you can easily press any excess pastry onto any cracks or tears you may get.

6.) Once the pastry base has been moulded into the baking tin, take the small slices of apple and cut them up into much finer pieces, this will be used for the base. Spread them across the base and then begin to add the large slices in a circular motion starting from the outside and working your way in. To make a rose, take the three thin slices and roll them into little scrolls and place them in the middle of the tart.

7.) Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. Once baked, remove from the oven and serve with cream, custard or ice cream.

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