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Vegan valentines day strawberry float cocktails

It's valentines day, the day where restaurants put up their prices so gooey, loved up romantics can go and dine out and show them how much they love each other by buying the most expensive wine and ordering the fillet steak. Gross. As a single 28 year old guy, I'm obviously not at all bitter, but then again that is why I am here to show you an alternative, a deliciously affordable, yet equally impressive alternative you can do from the comfort of your own home in your pants, and yes, I'm talking about booze. Kick off the night the way most budding relationships begin. The power of alcohol. Delicious, confidence inducing alcohol. Good luck love birds, today is all about you. Here's how to make some delicious strawberry and salted honeycomb cocktail floats using MYLKPLUS salted honeycomb hazelnut milk.

TIME: 5 mins MAKES: 2


200ml of MYLKPLUS Salted Honeycomb hazelnut milk

150ml of cream soda

3 shots of Disarrono (30ml shots)

3 shot of Cointreau (30ml shots)

4 scoops of vegan strawberry ice cream

Soy Whip vegan spray cream

6 strawberries

1 large handful of ice

Vegan dark chocolate, shaved (optional for decoration)


1.) In a blender add the ice cream, ice, MYLKPLUS salted honeycomb hazelnut milk, Disarrono, Cointreau and strawberries. Pulse until smooth.

2.) Add the cream soda and stir with a cocktail spoon.

3.) Pour into two serving glasses and top with the Soy Whip spray cream. Shave some vegan dark chocolate over the top and garnish with fresh strawberries, serve and ENJOY VALENTINES DAY!

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